This web site is dedicated to Bradley B. Custer (1974-2003), beloved son of Fred and Patricia Custer.  This web site was designed to act as a memorial for Brad and to help everyone remember him as he was - a kind, caring, wonderful human being.  Feel free to browse through Brad's site; you'll find all types of interesting things like family stories, a full picture gallery, etc..  If you're interested in contacting Fred (Father) or Patricia (Mother), please click Contact, or visit Brad's dedicated Online Group.


by Fred A. Custer, Esq. (Father of Brad Custer).

Bradley Custer was born on February 4, 1974 in Detroit, Michigan. His parents are Fred A. Custer and Patricia Custer.  Brad has an older brother, Ben, who was born in 1970.  Brad also has younger Brother, Chris, who was born in 1994.

Brad was a very happy child.  He had a very normal childhood and was quite precocious as he was growing up. Brad’s Mom introduced him to books and academics at a very young age, and he took two academics “like a fish takes to water”. During the early years, Brad was content to play with other children, and he was also content to play on his own if there were no playmates around. Early on, it was evidence of that Brad had excellent athletic skills, as he liked to play with sports equipment and was very coordinated both with gross motor and hand-eye coordination. He was a very pleasant youngster when he was growing up.

Brad attended kindergarten in the Northville Michigan school system, and he was a very bright and precocious student, having learned to read by that age, and work with numbers as well. After kindergarten, Brad entered the elementary school system in Northville, and again he was very skilled at the academic work required, and he did little studying, as the school work came easy for him. Brad had many friends in school, as well as having friends in the neighborhood.

The Custer family lived in a residential neighborhood referred to as Allen Drive, and Brad had playmates both in and out of the school system which she interacted with on a regular basis. He played baseball, soccer, football, basketball, and all the usual sports during his early years. During this time period, electronic video games came on the market, and Brad became very attracted to the electronic games and media system.

After a very successful childhood and academic environment in the elementary ages. Brad then went on to junior high school. By this time, it was evident that Brad was a highly skilled athlete, as he had excelled in soccer, baseball and basketball. Brad chose to participate in intramural type sports, such as church league basketball, and community recreational baseball and basketball and soccer. He loved his sports, and he was very skilled at playing the sports which he did on a regular basis. All the while, Brad continued to excel in his academics, and even though he studied minimally, he was able to achieve good grades in school, and was socially connected and adept.

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Snap Shot!  Brad loved animals!  This is a photo of him at the age of 6 years old hugging his German Sheppard.














(1974 - 2003)

Lifetime Highlights

  • 2/4/1974: Born Mt. Sinai Hospital, Detroit, MI, 8 pounds, 6 ounces.
  • 4/18/1979: Appeared in the Community Crier Plymouth newspaper for violin playing.
  • 5/27/1981: Lead player in “The Poppyseed Cakes” play at Amerman Elementary. Cast as Andrew Sheck. Northville Record misidentified Brad as “Rod Caster.”
  • 10/6/1982: Northville Record newspaper appearance for Outstanding Offensive Soccer Player (West Suburban League), Hot Spurs team.
  • 10/13/1982: Northville Record newspaper appearance for Outstanding Offensive Soccer Player (West Suburban League). Hot Spurs team.
  • 12/21/1983: Northville Record appearance for Student Writer at Amerman Elementary.
    “Halloween Ghost Story” published in paper.
  • 3/21/1984: Speaker for “Getting Along” play produced at Amerman Elementary.
  • 1981-1985: Amateur Athletic Union of the U.S. Award for Physical Fitness.
  • 11/15/1985: Achievement Award for Outstanding report card at Meads Mill Middle School.
  • 6/11/1986: Sixth Grade Honor Roll at Meads Mill Middle School.
  • 6/10/1987: Certificate of Honor: “Excellence in Scholarship” at Meads Mill Middle School.
  • 6/1987: Recognition for Midwest Talent Search, Meads Mill Middle School.
  • 12/14/1989: Northville Record newspaper appearance for High School Honor Roll.
  • 10/1991: Earned Letter in track from Northville High School
  • 6/12/1992: Northville High School Graduation. Cum laude.
  • 12/20/2000: Baccalaureate degree from University of Michigan, Flint. Cum laude. Major in Communications, minor in Computer Science. Devastating snow storm cancelled the ceremony, TV, and newspaper coverage.  Brad and his family appeared on TV, as having made it through the storm from as far away as Cleveland for his graduation day.